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Low vision rehabilitation FAQs

Q. Why refer for a low vision evaluation?
A.  Low or reduced vision impacts many activities of daily living, including reading books, documents, medications labels and directions, a restaurant menu. Help your patients maintain independence and a high quality of life by recommending a low vision evaluation early!

Q. When should patients be referred for a low vision evaluation?
A.  Patients with progressive vision loss are recommended to be referred at 20/40 vision in the lesser seeing eye. Because, early awareness to low vision aids will allow patients to better cope and transition as their vision loss progresses.

Q.  What makes you different from other providers?
A.   2 Big reasons!
    1) We provide comprehensive low vision care – using new electronic magnifiers, telescopes, telemicroscopes, and or prosthetic contact lenses we can address near, distance and intermediate low vision goals, as well as glare and photophobia.
    2) We provide timely care and access, thus can see patients within 2 weeks of a referral!

Q. What insurance do you take?
A.  We accept most major medical insurances for low vision evaluations.

Q.  How do we send communication back to the referring provider?
A.  We write and send a summary via fax.  However, if you prefer a different method, let our office know and we will be more then happy to send via your preferred method.  

Q. How do I make a referral?
A.  You can use our online secured referral form, fax or call our office!