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Keratoconus FAQs

Q. Why refer for a keratoconus contact lens fitting?
A.  Reduced vision impacts many activities of daily living, including driving ability, binocularity, reading books and documents. Help your patients maintain independence and a high quality of life by recommending a keratoconus contact lens fitting early!

Q. Why refer when patients can have a corneal transplant?
A.  Corneal transplants are performed to primarily replace diseased tissue (as severe keratoconus will cause protrusion, scarring and clouding of the cornea.) Even with a corneal transplant, vision may take upto 1 year or longer to stabilize, but is often times not adequate per patients!

Q. When should patients be referred for a low vision evaluation?
A.  Early referral is key! There are many options for keratoconus patients soft custom soft, hybrids, and corneal and scleral gas permeable lenses.

Q.What insurances do you take?
A.  We accept most major medical insurances as well as most of the vision insurances.

Q. How do you report back?
A.  We write and send a summary via fax. However, if you prefer a different method, let our office know and we will be more then happy to send via your preferred method.

Q. What makes you different from other providers?
A. 2 Big reasons!
    1) We provide comprehensive keratoconus options – using custom soft, hybrids, corneal and scleral contact lenses, we can find the RIGHT fit for your patients.
    2) We provide timely care and access, thus can see patients within 2 weeks of a referral!

Q. How do I make a referral?
A.  You can use our online secured referral form, fax or call our office!