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Comprehensive Eye Health Examination

The comprehensive eye health exam at Invision Eye Care may require from a half an hour to an hour.  We will evaluate both your vision and the health of your eyes.
Before you meet with the doctor, a clinical associate will welcome you and perform an initial assessment of your vision with a series of preliminary tests.  Upon reviewing your patient information, you may be asked several questions concerning your medical and vision history.

We will also perform digital retina imaging (HD iCare), like an MRI of the eye, but taking only seconds to perform, the HD iCare provides high definition cross sections of your retina and optic nerve which can reveal signs of disease in exquisite detail that are invisible to traditional examination methods.  Our doctors will perform a refraction to assess your visual needs and will then evaluate the health of the front and back of the eyes. To conclude the examination, the results of the HD iCare will be displayed in the exam room and discussed with you.

Check out the two links for a list and explanation of the tests that will be performed:

1) Preliminary Testing

2) Vision & Health Testing